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The name Indonesia was derived from "indos nesos", meaning islands near India, The country is in fact the largest archipelago in the world with thousands of islands, 17,508 to be precise, spread in an area between the Asian continent and Australia, and between the Pacific and the Indian oceans. The islands are inhabited by hundreds of tribes and thousands of sub-tribes with diverse cultures and languages. There is a national language spoken throughout the country, namely Bahasa Indonesia. It is thus appro - priate, that the country's motto is Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, which means: Unity in Diversity.

Indo Cafe marries traditional authentic Indonesian cuisine with modern innovation and presentation. At Indo Cafe, we strive to bring you the diversity of our dishes so that our customers can appreciate the vast selections of food from different parts of Indonesia. Come and discover the taste of Indonesia at Indo Cafe!


Pangsit Goreng

Deep fried chicken wonton served with sweet
and sour sauce

Tempe Mendoan

Soybean cake deep fried in Javanese batter served with spicy and sweet soy sauce

Bakwan Malang

Wonton, tofu and meatballs with fine rice noodles in a light broth

Bihun Bakso

Beef meatballs with fine rice noodles in a light broth

Ayam Cabe Ijo

Padangnese chicken with green chili sauce

Ayam Goreng Balado

Fried chicken simmered in our special spicy sauce

Empek-Empek Palembang

Traditional fried fish cake served with noodle, cucumber and homemade dark vinegar sauce

Ikan Goreng Lalapan

Deep fried fish with fresh mixed vegetables served with homemade chili paste

Rendang Sapi

Tender dry beef curry slow-cooked in our traditional
coconut sauce with egg and topped with crackers


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13754 Aurora Ave N Suite D, Seattle, WA 98133
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